Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be functionally and artistically built into your landscape to create a design with aesthetic appeal. Segmented retaining walls can be used for many different applications around your home.

Do you have a backyard that slopes downward, with not much room for the kids to play in?

Retaining walls are great to add area to an existing slope. By utilizing a battered (stepped back) system, retaining walls are strong, durable, and in many cases artistically eye appealing. When installed properly, retaining walls can hold back a large amount of earth and can be used to divert water. We can look at your area and design the proper fit for your space.


Ellington Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Installation

The proper installation of retaining walls begins with the design of the area. If the wall is over 4 feet tall, it will need to be engineered per the state of Connecticut codes for retaining wall installation. Proper installation of retaining walls will include Geo-Grid, Drainage stone, Filter Fabric, and drainage pipe. Without the proper installation of these key components the wall will inevitably fail, and may cause serious damage to other structures. We are NCMA certified to install retaining walls, and have the ability to engineer retaining walls whenever necessary.

Retaining Wall Materials

There are many types of materials for retaining wall installation. Natural stone and segmented retaining walls are just a few options. Retaining walls come in many different sizes, shapes and colors so that the possibilities are endless. We use only the best materials, most of which are warrantied for a lifetime, to ensure a long lasting wall that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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