Interlocking Concrete Patios

Interlocking concrete pavers are a wonderful alternative to pressure treated woods and composites. They give you a more natural look and require little to no maintenance. Most manufacturers have lifetime warranties on their products. Patios can also be constructed using natural stone, bluestone, flagstone, granite and clay pavers. With the right vision and dream, our expert staff can build just about anything.

Canton Paver Patio

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Proper Installation

Did you know that stone dust should never be used in the installation of a patio? Did you know that using stone dust will void a manufacturer’s warranty? By following the ICPI standards we can ensure that our installation techniques surpass other landscaping companies that use stone dust. The proper application for installing patios calls for bedding sand, and not stone dust. The reason why stone dust should never be used is because it holds moisture which can pull the efflorescence out of a concrete paver. This gives the illusion of a white, almost milky substance on the top of the paver. We will make sure that your patio never has these issues by strictly following the manufacturer’s specifications and guide lines for proper interlocking paver installation.

Patio Types

There are many different types of materials to use for patio construction, most commonly being interlocking concrete pavers. The three biggest reasons are; appearance, elasticity, and longevity. We only use manufacturers that warranty there materials for a lifetime, and now most will even warranty against the use of salt. Interlocking concrete pavers are affordable, durable, and appealing with the many different sizes, shapes, and texture options. Contact us to learn how pavers can work in your area.

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